Preparation and Analysis of building projects

PRO-GOTICA develops building projects in the area of Civil Engineering, specifically in terms of structural design, with implementation of projects with reinforced concrete structures, prestressed concrete, steel structures and composite structures. Also the conception of water and sewage systems both gravitational networks or using pressurization / lifting systems. Fire safety plans and projects are also a main specialty of this office, which already has in its curriculum many projects of villas, residential buildings, school, hospital, services, etc.

Our Services

Projects, Consultancy, Supervision, Constrution Coordination

Preparation and analysis of bridges and viaducts

The project of vehicle and pedestrian bridges, is also one of the areas of intervention, wherein, in the first case, prestressed reinforced concrete post-stressed structures have been designed and constructed, particularly in adverse conditions over railway lines and water courses. There is also great experience in prefabrication.

In the case of crossing waterways, the need for execution of hydrological studies of particular importance, being another of the office's area of expertise.

The implementation of bridges and pedestrian walkways metal structure implies the dynamic vibration analysis thereof for evaluating user comfort.

Preparation and analysis of public infrastructure projects

PRO-GOTICA has extensive experience in implementing projects of public infrastructure and coordination of the various specialties involved in housing development projects and detailed plans.

Are treated normally processes inserted in consolidated urban networks, which require the close coordination between the road network projects, drainage networks of waste water, solid waste collection, gas supply, landscaping, lighting and electricity supply and telecommunications networks.

Project analysis roads and streets

The project of roads and streets, including traffic distribution studies. Such projects usually the compatibility of social, geological and environmental parameters.

Landscaping, environment and environmental impact

Besides Civil Engineering, PRO- GOTICA also provides in technical staff skills in the field of landscaping, and environmental studies.

The playing field contains the draft landscaping for the creation and recovery of public access areas but also conducting environmental impact reports, the various components, construction, traffic, etc.